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Case Studies

Our client, a global leader in designing and building human machine interfaces, has a truly global supply chain having multiple different applications implemented at various nodes. This made the application footprint quite complex from IT support point of view. The complexity of footprint got further enhanced due to various custom utilities that were built to transfer data from one system to another, deriving information required for tracking and control of important business parameters and entities. IT support was further stressed due to new acquisitions by the client. All this resulted into a huge support team comprising of different vendors to support various applications and custom utilities. Due to this IT support costs increased significantly. KTCS, always striving to build client relevant capabilities, worked closely with client top management to

  • Help reduce the no of support services vendors to just 2 instead of multiple vendors.
  • Help reduce IT support costs by more than 30%

KTCS did this with the following approach

  • Business process orientation of team
  • Work assignment as per business processes like Plan to Manufacture, Manufacture to Reconcile process, Forecast to Plan, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay
  • Multiskilling of support team members on product front to support end to end business processes Expense to Invoice process across Concur & Oracle Finance, manufacture to reconcile process across e2open & Oracle SCM
  • Developing small but effective automations to reduce dependency of business on IT team
  • Effective use of Oracle alerts & custom email mechanisms to monitor B2B errors and informing users for dependencies on them, Efficient excel upload mechanisms.